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Minutes of the USA Wrestling - Ohio Annual Meeting October 8, 2023

Attendees (40): John Cvetic, Wendel Donathan, Chris Kallai, Mike Sizemore, Charlie Smith, Mary Terbay, Jeremiah Webber, Brad Bournival, Brian Church, Rob Dearwester, Dane Johnson, Art Kallai, Debbi Kallai, Sarah Kershaw, Jeff Kullman, Ryan Marks, Rae McDonald, Bob Vallarelli, Shawn Andrews, Rick Davis, Adam Gilmore, Tim Hessing, Chris Kallai, Jr., Dom Mancini, Harmon Sizemore, Dan Wilson, Paul Kruggel, Jim Bostic, Yevhen Plypenko, Micah Kullman, Wadsworth, John Gillespie, Christina Schmidt, Jesse Villers, Joe Campolongo, Tommy Rowlands, Jesse Leng, Dave Cline, Kevin McPherson, Marlan Yarbrough


Determination of quorum: To have a quorum, at least 25% of the Officers, Directors, and At-Large Board Members (i.e., a minimum of nine) must be present along with representatives from at least 10% of the Chartered Clubs (i.e., a minimum of nineteen). Twenty-one (21) Officers, Directors, and At-Large Board Members were present, and nineteen (19 ) Chartered Clubs were represented at the beginning of the meeting.

Since it was determined that we had a quorum, the meeting was called to order at 9:06 AM.




Chairperson’s report – Chris Kallai


Chris congratulated everyone on a great year. More people were involved this year.


Fargo had a few unexpected “challenges” this year with respect to logistics (extra bus trips due to offsite location, having to do own laundry, etc) – Ohio worked through all as a team. Big Thank YOU!


He also went over some highlights from the Chairperson meeting:

  • Teal certification is available and is intended to aid in coaching female athletes – 2 hour course

  • National office is looking to add an annual update to the different coaches’ levels to keep coaches up-to-date on new items (thinking about ½ hour)

  • All items on the USA Wrestling – Junior Olympic Wrestling committee report have been approved

    • Use of PIn is approved and will be used in lieu of separation criteria at regional and national championships. This may affect having athletes wrestle “up” because it will affect their PIn score.

    • A tournament director can backload results into the PIn score. If an athlete has multiple profiles, they should remove all but the one they want. The PIn will have folkstyle, freestyle and Greco components. You can search a PIn rating by a particular style or combined for all styles.

  • FloArena is replaced with TrackWrestling.

  • Video challenge procedures at National Duals are changed. There will be 1 unsuccessful video challenge per bout and 4 unsuccessful ones per dual.

  • Byes (if there are any) will be given to the highest seeded team in the pool.

  • Athletes may only compete in the regional or national championship of their gender.

  • In girls’ divisions, there will be 1 point awarded for a push out.

  • Age group weight classes have changed for all age groups – boys and girls.

Numbers were up for all events (for most part). Thank you to Rudis for getting the gear to everyone is a timely fashion and for the shoe donation to the champions for Fargo and shoes and some gear for the national dual teams.


Fargo format will stay basically the same for 2024. Junior will wrestle 1st session of style, then 16U second session, third to finals will be both Junior and 16U.


Ohio hosted U23 and U20 World’s again. We have not received our check but should be coming – last year was $6000.


Vice Chairperson’s Report – Wendel Donathan

Wendel thanked everyone for giving him the opportunity to be the Vice- Chairperson.


Membership numbers were up. Dual teams ran great.

The 2024 qualifier schedule is ready for us to select later on in the day. Each tournament director will have their own method of verifying coaches on the floor. Coaches card will be scanned in 2024.


Ohio is bidding on the National Duals – two opportunities: Women’s dual – all age groups, 1 location, 1 style (freestyle); and 16U boys


Secretary’s Report – Mary Terbay

Bob Vallarelli motioned to amend the minutes as written to keep the $500 incentive for officials. Seconded by Davis; motion failed. The Minutes of the 2022-2023 USA Wrestling Ohio Annual meeting were approved. Motion by Vallarelli to reinstate the $500 incentive for officials working 4 qualifiers and 1 state tournament. Currently that incentive was removed from the minutes.


Membership Chairperson’s Report –Mary Terbay for Keith Carter Membership numbers were:


2018  2019  2020  2021  2022  2023

Limited Folkstyle







Full Athlete







Athlete High Perf







Open License







Wrestling Leader







Wrestling Limited








In 2023, there were 181 club charters and 87 event sanctions. Cards sales have increased; however, there has not been any additional funds to USAW-Ohio.

Recommend a $5 increase in Limited Folkstyle cards for 2024-2025

MVKWA Director – Charlie Smith

MVKWA season went well. The 2024 season is starting up with the first meet the weekend of December 8. We are anticipating 3400 athletes for this coming season. Fifty-two mini-tournaments, 5 regionals and 1 final have been sanctioned.


Coaches’ Council Director – Jeremiah Webber

Jeremiah asked all coaches to go through him with their questions and he will get answers. He shared that he went through a list of questions at the meeting the night before. The National Duals and Fargo were huge for Ohio this year. We were more competitive and gave more athletes more opportunities.


Treasurer’s Report - John Cvetic

John discussed the financial statements and budget for fiscal years 2023 and 2024. Our rainy day fund is shrinking – down to $83K. Support services were down (syllabus) and cards were up. There was some marketing for OHSAA state.


The Treasurer’s report was accepted (Motion by Tim Hessing and second by Shawn Andrews).

The 2024 budget was also presented.

  • There is no money for clinics and syllabi (since the money has not been spent for many years)

  • $1300 for qualifiers and assigned officials is included

  • Dual fees include 2 for Junior boys duals (1 Freestyle/ 1 Greco), 2 for 16U boys (1 Freestyle/ 1 Greco), and 2 for 14U boys (1 Freestyle/ 1 Greco). If a Greco team is not taken, two Freestyle teams can be supported.

  • Dual fees include 1 dual for the girls Junior, girls 16U and girls 14U. At this time, there is only Freestyle for girls. If Girls add Greco to any age group, a team fee can be added.


Motion by Charlie Smith and second by Debbi Kallai to accept the budget as presented with proposals listed; approved.


Media / Promotions Director’s Report –Brad Bournival

Brad presented what the new website will look like. It can be used for membership – clubs can have their own page. MVKWA (and other regional organizations) can have their own umbrella with league information and then clubs underneath that. Arkansas and Delaware have the new website up and running.


Questions that need to be answered: What are the fees? Are umbrellas 1 fee for all under that umbrella?

Instagram was used in Fargo. Worked great – min of 3 posts per session. QR code was available to get information for the athletes (as opposed to the old media book).


Kids / Schoolboy Director’s Report – Ryan Marks

Ryan reported a successful season. 14U Duals Greco went 6-1, finished second; Freestyle went 7-1 and finished second. All participation numbers were up. 12U numbers increased the most dramatically.


National Teams Director’s Report - Jeff Kullman

Jeff was pleased to inform us that Ohio had one team in every style for the natonal duals this year - Junior Freestyle was second, Junior Freestyle women 4th and U16 Freestyle 3rd, U16 Women 7th. Greco is back!


Fargo had 418 people travel from Ohio (coaches and athletes). Logistics were a challenge and then some extra challenges were thrown in with the “hotel”. U16 Greco had 68% doublers; Freestyle 43%. 37% of athletes came from the regionals.


Jeff thanked directors, coaches, Coaches Council Director and his wife, Ron Beachler. He also mentioned RUDIS and the relationship that is being established with them. 92.7% of athletes on the podium at state participate in Freestyle / Greco.


Open Director’s Report –Rae McDonald

Congratulations to Rae – WORLD CHAMPION! Ohio’s numbers at Fargo and National duals are improving year over year.

Women’s Report – Dane Johnson

2023 was a good year for Women’s Wrestling – girls competed in Junior and U14 duals. Over 80 female athletes went to Fargo and 8 were All Americans.


Folkstyle Director’s Report - John Sopczak No Report


Greco Director’s Report – Art Kallai

Greco is coming up with 2023 being one of the more successful years Ohio has had. Thanks to all coaches and a special thanks to Micah Kullman, the head Greco coach for Fargo.


Some improvements have been identified for the Greco dual camp.


Freestyle Director’s Report –Jeremy Johnson No report.


Beach Director’s Report –Britney Carrington No report.


Mat Officials Director’s Report – Bob Vallarelli

Bob mentioned that many of the mat officials worked regional, national and international events. There are 30 officials in Ohio, with 7 “core” officials and 4 new ones. Officials residing in the southwest are needed.


Pairing Director’s Report –Debbi Kallai

Debbi reported that this past season had 8 qualifiers and that we have 9 pairers with the passing of Ron Currier. We brought on 2 new officials - Sophia and Corey.


International Exchange Director’s Report –Brian Church

More information is available on the website but highlights are: went to Netherlands in the spring and to the Italian Stallion in the summer. In 2023, there is a European World Tour from March 20 to April 1 and the Italian Stallion will also be held in late May or June.


Safe Sport Director – Chris Kallai for Jon Handwerk

No report for Ohio but Chris mentioned that there is a new SafeSport director at the National Office.


Fund Raising – Sarah Kershaw

USAW-Ohio partnered with Rudis at events and at their on-line store to receive



Bob Vallarelli motioned that if there are surplus funds from the $1300 paid to each tournament director for assigned officials, then the Tournament Director, the Head Mat Official and the Head Operations Official will determine the distribution of the surplus to licensed officials. This is in addition to the compensation pool of money. Seconded by Charlie Smith. Passed.


John Cvetic motioned that officials will receive $200 per day for working at the state tournaments. Seconded by Jim Bostic. Passed.




  1. Election of Officers

    The following Officers were elected for two-year terms:




    Nominated by:



    Chris Kallai

    Brad Bournival


    Rae MacDonald

    Re-elected by acclamation



    Brian Whitner


    Mary Terbay

    Micah Kullman Dom Mancini

    Charlie Smith Debbie Kalli


    Mary Terbay

    MVKWA Director

    Charlie Smith

    Sarah Kershaw Debbi Kalli

    Re-elected by acclamation

    National Teams Director

    Jeff Kullman

    Jeremiah Webber Art Kallai

    Re-elected by acclamation

    Kids/ 14U Director

    Ryan Marks

    Jeremiah Webber Art Kallai

    Re-elected by acclamation

    Open Director

    Rae MacDonald

    Dom Mancini Debbi Kallai

    Re-elected by acclamation

    Mat Officials Director

    Bob Vallarelli

    Brian Church Jim Bostic

    Re-elected by acclamation

    Operating Officials Director

    Debbi Kallai

    Sarah Kershaw Art Kallai

    Re-elected by acclamation

    Folkstyle Director

    John Sopczak

    Harmon Sizemore Debbi Kallai

    Re-elected by acclamation

    Greco Director

    Art Kallai

    Chris Kallai, JR Chris Kallai

    Elected by acclamation

    Beach Director

    Jim Bostic

    Art Kallai Charlie Smith

    Elected by acclamation

    Sombo Wrestling Director




    Grappling Director

    Micah Kullman

    Jeremiah Webber Rae MacDonald

    Elected by acclamation

    International Exchange Director

    Brian Church

    Rae MacDonald Jim Bostic

    Re-elected by acclamation

    Media/ Promotions Director

    Brad Bournival

    Sarah Kershaw Chris Kallai, Jr

    Re-elected by acclamation

    Freestyle Director

    Jeremy Johnson

    Jeremiah Webber Sarah Kershaw

    Re-elected by acclamation


  2. Constitution/ Job Description changes

    Mary presented Constitution changes to Article 9 Removal from Office. Dom Mancini motioned to accept the changes; seconded by Mike Sizemore. The proposed change passed.

    Changes were also made to sections 3.3, 3.3.3,4.2, 5.2, 5.3.1, 5.6.2, 10.4, 15.1,

    15.2 to change “Pairing Official” to “Operating Official”. Motion by Charlie Smith to accept these changes, seconded by Chris Kallai, Jr.; passed.


    Mary also presented changes to the Job Descriptions to reflect the change of “Pairing Official” to “Operating Official” in 33 locations. Motion by Shawn Andrewes, second by Harmon Sizemore; passed.


  3. Credit for official’s advancement

    Chris noted that if an official is working a tournament that has over 50 participants that can be counted to your advancement. If the tournament is on TrackWrestling it does not have to be reported. If it is not, then let Chris know and he will get it taken care of.


  4. Rudis

    Jesse Leng, owner of Rudis along with Tommy Rowlands and Nancy Schulz, introduced himself. He said that their goal to is to provide the best “stuff” and a good price. He feels that Rudis has worked well with USAW-Ohio in the past and looks to continue this relationship in the future.


  5. 2024 State Tournament

    State Tournament – the tournament will be at Ohio Northern University again – May 25-26. Coaches’ Council has asked that Boys’ Freestyle be switched to Saturday and wrestle until completion. Greco and Women’s Freestyle would then be on Sunday. We will try this for 2024. There is a concern that Greco numbers will drop. Coaches MUST have a VISIBLE coaches’ card to get on the floor. Weigh-ins on Saturday will count for both if doublers. Approved by consent of those present at the annual meeting.


    Discussion about medals for state placers – Chris noted that he has boxes and boxes of leftover medals that no one picks up. Further recommendation will come from the Coaches’ Council.

    All athletes must pre-register. Discussion about going back to top 6 but decided to keep finish a qualifier to completion to qualify by consent of those present at the annual meeting.


    Reminder that qualifiers must work 2 tables at the state tournament. Some groups may want to work as a fund raiser.


  6. Limited Folkstyle membership

    Wendel Donathan motioned that the limited folkstyle membership card be raised

    $5 starting in the 2024-25 season. Seconded by Mike Sizemore. Passed.


  7. Hall of Fame Dual meet

    The NFL has suggested having a dual meet format with NFL teams to sponsor teams. It is anticipated that this will be a big fund raiser with dollars available to offset other costs. They are identifying the NFL players that were former wrestlers to promote synergy between football and wrestling. There are also some large insurance companies signing on as sponsors. There will be a gala on Friday evening and a breakfast on Saturday. USA Wrestling will bring some of the Olympians. This event is for 16U and Juniors.


  8. Qualifier entry fees

    Art Kallai motioned to raise the entry fees for 16U and Juniors from $25 for one style/ $30 for both to $25 for one style and $40 for both this season. Seconded by Jim Bostic. Passed.


  9. Silver College

    Shawn Andrews is working on his silver coach’s certification. As a part of this process, he must attend the “silver” college for 2 days. It was attended by about 30 coaches from all over the country. Great opportunity to share/ receive new ideas. Learned about the BAND app to easily communicate with team and/ or coaches. Shawn will send a link out – please share. Ohio Greco is on this already.


  10. Video challenge

    Dan Wilson motioned to allow video challenges at the Ohio State tournament for semi’s, finals, and conso-semi’s. There would be one unsuccessful challenge per match. The review would be mat official, head official and/or instructor official. Seconded by Paul Kruggel. Passed.


    After discussion John Cvetic moved to table the implementation of the video challenges at the state tournament to a committee of Coaches’ Council Director and Mat Officials Director. Seconded by Jim Bostic. Passed.


  11. Mat Officials Incentive

    Bob Vallarelli motioned that assigned mat officials that work 4 or mor qualifiers and a state tournament are eligible for a $400 incentive, up to a maximum of

    $2500 for all receiving the incentive, contingent upon no qualifier being cancelled due to lack of mat officials. Seconded by Tim Hessing. Passed.


  12. Miscellaneous items

    • Jeff Kullman mentioned that “gear” does not appear in his job description and currently he reports through Coaches’ Council Director. He may want to suggest some changes to the job description.

    • The Greco coaches would like to organize a state dual for Greco. They should propose date/ time.

    • Paul Kruggel mentioned that there is a strong focus to add Beach to the Olympics. It did not make the cut for 2024 but may for 2028.

    • Eric Burnett will be inducted into the Ohio Chapter of the National Hall of Fame on Oct 15th.


13. 2024 Qualifier schedule

Kids State – voted on between Elyria, Marysville and Western Brown. Elyria will host on May 4.

State Tournament at ONU – May 25-26. State Duals April 21


Qualifier schedule – selected in order of random draw, listed in calendar order


Dublin Coffman


April 6



April 13

Uniontown Lake


April 20

State Duals

Austintown Fitch

April 21



April 27



May 4



May 11


For 2025 – Western Brown will have first pick; Oak Hills will select for SW; Canal Fulton will select for NE; Elyria and Delta will draw for NW and Marysville and Dubin Coffman will draw for Central.


All tournaments will offer girls freestyle brackets.


The next Annual meeting will be October 20, 2024 –at Benesch, subject to availability. Date will be posted on website if there is a change.


Motion by Chris Kallai Jr and second by Brad Bournival to adjourn. Passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 3:28 pm.

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