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Lucas Marcelli Memorial Ironman Award

Lucas Marcelli Ironman Award

The more you participate the better chance you have to earn the Ironman Award!

The Lucas Marcelli Ironman award is new this year to USA-Ohio Wrestling. In memory of a fierce competitor on the the USA-Ohio Wrestling freestyle and Greco-Roman circuit Lucas Marcelli, who passed away before his time. During his high school days Lucas could be seen at many USA-OH Wrestling qualifiers. Lucas was a double junior state champion and a cadet state champion in Greco and runner up in freestyle. There will be an ironman plaque awarded to the highest point getter in the Cadet and Junior Division. In addition a certificate will be awarded to the top ten wrestlers in each division as a member of the Ironman Dream Team. Additionally, each club winner will receive a club ironman certificate. There will be a trophy at the state tournament each year and the winner's name will be engraved on it so year to year incoming wrestlers can shoot to get their name on the trophy. Scoring is based on placement at each qualifier and the state tournament. Qualifiers will be scored as following; 10 points for first 8 points for second 6 points for third 4 points for 4th 2 points for 5th and 1 point for 6th for both greco and freestyle. If you win both styles you will be awarded 5 bonus points. The state tournament will double the amount of points awarded for placement and double the bonus. A top ten list will be announced going into the state tournament for each division.




123 Jakob Beverly of SW Force
85 Jacob Smail of Green Machine
85 Seth Shumate of Beast Mode
75 Brent Paulus Ii of Parkview
75 Corey Haney of Alan Fried
75 Daniel Segura of Miron
75 Jake Evans of Ohio Dawgz
74 Jacob Reed of Lancaster
70 Cael Woods of Wadsworth Grizzly
68 Matthew Savick of SW Force
60 Gunner Endicott of All American
58 Ethan Fletcher of Samurai
57 Carter Mickley of Parkview
57 Kenny Marra of Old Hickory
55 Brendan McCrone of Lake Co. Storm
55 Niko Gonzalez of Beast Mode
54 Cody Miller of Unattached
54 Mason Cover of All American
50 Will Morrow (SB190) of Unattached
48 Stephen Baldridge of Wadsworth Grizzly
47 Ian Stokell of Beast Mode
46 Chance Robinson of WrestlingFactory
45 Noah Inboden of Simpson
45 Zach Mattin of Foxfire



118 Kyle Ryder of Stampede
101 Matthew Cover of All American
100 Lucas Byrd of Golden Cross
91 Addison Fogle of Simpson
89 Bradley Smith of Prodigy
88 Kevin Contos of Foxfire
86 Cornell Beachem of Yoshi
75 Sean Lipscomb of West Side(CLE)
75 Stephen Skeens of Samurai
72 Tyler Tolarchyk of Old Hickory
68 Collin Yinger of Yinger
68 Donovan McCollister of Yinger
67 John Keegan of All American
66 Nicholas Crawford of Samurai
65 Zenoviy Vork of Old Hickory
64 Travis Kutler of Samurai
64 Zach Rodgers of Samurai
62 Jordan Hamblin of BC Brawlers
62 Zach Larue of Stark Co.
61 Andrew Butera of Alan Fried
61 Jacob Lagoa of Lake Co. Storm
60 Angelo Rini of WrestlingFactory
60 Drake Decker of Samurai



118 Brandon Myers of SW Force
116 Colt Yinger of Yinger
85 Brandon Lucas of BC Brawlers
85 Graham Shore of Yinger trained
83 Jon Spaulding of Prodigy
75 Dom Demas of Columbus WC
71 Jordin James of Seasons
69 Corey Shie of Golden Cross
62 Spencer Berthold of Ohio Dawgz
61 Andrew Fenton of Unattached
61 Andy Graham of Unattached
61 Georgio Poullas of Samurai
61 James Handwerk of West Side(CLE)
58 Sean Dudgeon of Columbus WC
56 Luke Blaine of Simpson
55 Eric Altman of BC Brawlers
50 John Kelbly of Wadsworth Grizzly
45 Nick Vestal of SORTC
44 Cade Bates of Samurai
44 Davey Tunon of ORTC
44 David Johnson of Arsenal
44 Josh Breeding of All American
44 Nick Henneman of Lake Erie
42 Ja`mez Young of Unattached
42 Jake Henderson of BC Brawlers
41 Brakan Mead of ORTC