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This Weeks Events:

KIDS STATE(Schoolboy, Novice, Intermediate, Bantam)

Sat. April 29: Elyria HS 

GR: 9am  FS: Hour after Greco tournament ends (likely after 12pm)

see information below and KIDS STATE entry form is below

GRFS Qualifier

Sat. Ap 29: Elyria HS 601 Middle Ave, Elyria

Cadets and Juniors should look under the "National" tab to find more information on Qualifying for Fargo. 

RESULTS for 2017 available by clicking on Results to the left or under Tournaments

KIDS STATE information

Registration and weigh-ins for the USA Wrestling - Ohio Kids/Schoolboy State Championships will be held from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Friday, from 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM Saturday for Doublers and Greco only, and from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Saturday for Freestyle only.  Wrestling will start around  9:00 AM for Greco-Roman competition and around 12:30 PM for Freestyle competition.

Entry fees for the Kids State Championship is as follows:                                                                                Bantam, Intermediate, and Novice - $10 per                                                                         style                Schoolboy - $20 per style  

Separate red and blue singlets or reversible red/blue singlets with underbriefs are required at all GR and FS State Championships. Headgear must be worn. 

STATE Entry form and more information below


To be considered for selection to TEAM OHIO going to the Schoolboy Duals in Indianapolis in early June, the back side of the entry form MUST be completed prior to registration.  When you register, you will be given a packet of information regarding this trip if the back side is completed correctly.

2017 GRFS Rule Changes

For the 2017 USA Wrestling Regional and National Championships, the following rule changes have been made:

  1. Scoring for both freestyle and Greco-Roman will be 1, 2, 4 and 5. 
    1. 5-point moves (grand amplitude with danger) are added to freestyle. 
    2. Any grand amplitude action with no danger will be 4 points.
    3. Correct throws in freestyle and Greco-Roman will be 2 points.
    4. Cautions in freestyle and Greco-Roman will be 2 points (includes fleeing the mat and fleeing the hold).
  2. Greco-Roman passivity remains unchanged, thus two passivity calls will result in 1 point for opponent.
  3. Passivity must be confirmed by the Mat Chairman for both freestyle and Greco-Roman.  The judge can agree with passivity, but the call will only be assessed if confirmed by the Mat Chairman.
  4. Freestyle Passivity
    1. Same procedure outlined above with confirmation from Mat Chairman required.
    2. At the end of the 30-second activity time, if the passive wrestler has not scored, they will give up 1 point and no caution will be given.
    3. At the end of the 30-second activity time, if the passive wrestler has not scored, the match will not be stopped – 1 point will simply be awarded and action will continue.
    4. If anyone scores during the 30-seconds, the activity time is cancelled.
  5. In events with video review, the Mat Chairman may call a consultation/conference with the referee team that can result in a request to review the video without a challenge from a wrestler/coach.  Wrestlers/coaches may still request a challenge, at which point it shall be reviewed by the designated Referee and Mat Chairman.
  6. Par Terre Defense in Greco-Roman
    1. At the start of action in par terre, the defensive wrestler must go flat and cannot block.  The defensive wrestler must remain open (same as in 2016).
    2. Once a defensive wrestler has been lifted, he/she will only be allowed to post on one arm of the lifting wrestler.  This posting one an arm is only allowed after the lift
  7. Grabbing of the fingers will be penalized much stricter than before.  The referee shall say “Open” and may reach in and break the lock.  After the initial warning, this is to be penalized with a caution and 2 points. 

At Large Qualifiers to State Tournament

Attention Juniors and Cadets:

Besides placing in the top six (6) at any of the eight qualifiers being run in April and May, you may qualify for the State Freestyle and Greco Junior/Cadet State Championships be either being a finalist (first or second place) in the OHSAA State Tournament or the OAC State Junior High Tournament.  Also - anyone that wrestles in the UWW Junior Nationals in Las Vegas  April 27-29 and is a Junior (born after 9/1/97 AND attending High School), will qualify.  If you meet any of these qualifications and DON'T place in the top 6 at a qualifier, fill out and return the form below to Keith Carter, 6700 Riverview Ave. Middletown, OH 45042 or scan and email to Keith@reeseredev.com20.  All submissions of this Qualifier Participation Waiver must be received by ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS (Saturday, May 6).

2017 Schedule

2017 USA Wrestling - Ohio Tournament Schedule

Greco-Roman (GR), and Freestyle (FS) Events

All three Greco-Roman and Freestyle STATE Championships (i.e., Kids/Schoolboy and Cadet/Junior/Open) are for Ohio residents only.

State Championships are listed in bold. National Events in Ohio are list in Italics





Tournament Director

Sat., April 29


Northeast Ohio Qualifier Tournament (Cadet, Junior and Open ONLY!)

Elyria HS

601 Middle Ave., Elyria 44035

Erik Burnett

(440) 225-5793

Sat., April 29


Kids/Schoolboy State                             Championships

Elyria HS

601 Middle Ave., Elyria 44035

Erik Burnett

(440) 225-5793

Sat., May 6


Southwest Ohio Qualifier Tournament

(Cadet, Junior and Open ONLY!)

Lakota East High School

6840 Lakota Lane, Liberty Twp., 45044

Jim Lehman

Sun., May 7


Northeast Ohio Qualifier Tournament (Cadet, Junior and Open ONLY!)

John Carroll University

1 North Park Blvd., University Heights, OH

Mark Hawald

(440) 759-2156

Sat., May 13


Cadet/Junior/Open State


Otterbein University

1 S. Grove St., Westerville, OH

Keith Carter

(513) 292-5837

Sat., May 13


Sun., May 14


Cadet/Junior/Open/ Women State Championship

Otterbein University

1 S. Grove St., Westerville, OH

Keith Carter

(513) 292-5837

Fri., May 19 – Sun., May 21


Central Regional

Kalamazoo, MI

See for more information; weights

Thurs, June 1 – Sun, June 4


UWW Cadet/University Nationals

University of Akron, Akron, OH

See for more information; weights

Jul 29


Ohio State Fair

Buckeye Sports Center,

717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, OH

Brian Church

(614) 496-6369

Jul 30

Freestyle/ Greco

Ohio State Fair

Buckeye Sports Center,

717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, OH

Brian Church

(614) 496-6369

Information for USA Ohio events

For general questions about USA Wrestling - Ohio programs, procedures, new rules, or other matters, please consult the USA Wrestling - Ohio web site at or call Keith Carter (513)292-5837 or Chris Kallai (330)334-5409 (between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM please). For directions to a given tournament venue or specific tournament questions not covered in this flyer, please reference the USA Wrestling – Ohio website or call or e-mail the individual Tournament Director listed in the schedule. 

Important Notes:    1..NO entries will be accepted after the Tournament Director has officially closed weigh-ins.

2.Wrestling completion times are dependent on the number of entries at each tournament.

3.  Please consult for any last minute changes to this schedule


Wrestling Fees  for Greco-Roman/Freestyle QUALIFIER:

Bantam, Intermediate, and Novice Divisions free for Ohio residents; non-residents $5.00 per style      

Schoolboy Divisions $5.00 per style

Cadet and Junior Divisions.  $15.00 for one style or $25.00 for both styles

Open Division $5.00 per style.

KIDS (Bantam, Intermediate, Novice) QUALIFIER EVENTS  (wrestlers MUST present a current USA Wrestling competitor’s card)

Registration/weigh-ins for Freestyle - 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM @ QUALIFIERS.  The FS tournament for these groups(pooled)  Weight classes for the Bantam through Novice Divisions at all tournaments will be determined after weigh-ins by grouping competitors according to their actual weights using the BLOCK WEIGHT system. will start around 11:30 am.

NEW !  At MOST qualifiers there will be a short Greco Roman clinic @ approx. 11am. At the Delta Qualifier there will be a chance to try GR wrestling before the FS Kids wrestle. There WILL be a separate STATE GR and FS Tournament for all ages @ the Kids State Tournament.

 **  SCHOOLBOY: Qualifiers: follow C/Jr  schedule.     

SB/C/J/W/O:  Qualifier Information (wrestlers MUST present a current USA Wrestling competitor’s card)

Registration/weigh-ins for Greco-Roman, Freestyle, or Both Styles - 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM evening before tournament and  7:00AM to 7:30 AM   morning of tournament; wrestling begins at 9:00 AM

Registration/weigh-ins Freestyle only - 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM; wrestling begins at soon as possible after the completion of the Greco/Kids Matches.

Important Note:  All Registration forms MUST be signed by a parent/guardian if the wrestler is under 18 yrs old

Competition Policies and Procedures

  1. All wrestlers MUST present a current USA Wrestling competitor’s card at registration for each tournament.  Cards are available online at (Visa or Mastercard required) or at the door of tournaments for $50.00 (all age divisions).  Wrestlers MUST show proof of age to obtain a USA Wrestling card.
  2. All active coaches must have a current USA Wrestling coach’s card.  Cards are available online at, or through clubs for $40.00.  All coaches cards must be purchased online and will require a USA WRESTLING BACKGROUND CHECK ($17 – good for two years)  BE COMPLETED.  Please plan TWO WEEKS for the completion of your background check!!!!!  A CURRENT USA WRESTLING COACH’S CARD WILL BE REQUIRED FOR MAT ACCESS AT ALL USA WRESTLING - OHIO STATE EVENTS.  A Floor pass will be available at all Qualifiers (Cost $5 each event) for non-coach’s card holders but will NOT allow you access to the mat  - only Coaches with current USA Wrestling Coach’s Cards will be allowed on the mat.  ONLY CURRENT USA WRESTLING COACH’S CARD HOLDERS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE FLOOR AT THE STATE GRECO AND FREESTYLE CHAMPIONSHIPS.
  3. UWW rules with USA Wrestling modifications will be used for all Greco-Roman and Freestyle tournaments.  Traditional scholastic bracketing with double elimination for all participants will be used if there is a bracket of 6  or more.  If 5 or less, then round robin pairing will  be used.
  4. Separate red and blue singlets or reversible red/blue singlets with underbriefs are strongly recommended at all GR/FS Qualifier Tournaments and are required at all GR and FS State Championships. THE USE OF SHORTS AND T-SHIRTS IN PLACE OF A SINGLET IS NOT PERMITTED FOR ANY COMPETITION. All wrestlers in the Kids Age Divisions MUST wear headgear during competition.
  5. Wrestlers may only wrestle in one age division and weight class.  Cadets who are in high school may wrestle in the Cadet or Junior Division.  The decision to wrestle in the Cadet or Junior Division MUST be made at the time of registration.

Women: Women will automatically qualify for the State Tournament.

Qualification Procedures for State Championships and Cadet and Junior National Teams

  1. No qualification is required for the Kids GR/FS State Championships.
  2. Cadet and Junior wrestlers MUST qualify for the Cadet/Junior Greco-Roman and Freestyle State Championships by one of the following methods:
    1. Any USA National event that an athlete competes in automatically qualifies them to the USAW-OH state tournament in the style that they competed.  USAW-OH will post a list of the USAW National events that qualify for the state tournament on the website.   A qualification form MUST be submitted to Keith Carter at least one week prior to the State tournament for the qualification to be valid.
    2. The top 2 placers in the OHSAA state tournament or the O. A. C Middle School State tournament will automatically qualify for the state tournament in both styles.  A qualification form MUST be submitted to Keith Carter at least one week prior to the State tournament for the qualification to be valid.
    3. Any USAW-OH wrestler that competes in a USAW-OH qualifier, places in the top 6 and completes the tournament will qualify for the State tournament in the style in which they competed.

Contact Keith Carter at (513) 292-5837 (between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM please) regarding medical waivers.

  1. The Cadet/Junior Greco-Roman and Cadet/ Junior/ Women Freestyle State Championships will be used as qualifiers for the Cadet and Junior National Teams that  travel to Fargo, North Dakota.  See under “National Teams” for more details on the selection process.


Wrestling Fees           Freestyle and Greco-Roman State Championships-PER STYLE:

       $10.00 for Kids, Open, and Women’s Divisions;

       $20.00 for Schoolboy;

       $40.00/$50 both Cadet and Junior Divisions.

KIDS (Bantam, Intermediate, Novice) (wrestlers MUST present a current USA Wrestling competitor’s card)

There WILL be a  separate STATE GR and FS Tournament for all ages @ the Kids State Tournament. The GR Kids State will start at 9AM, with weigh-ins the night before or 7am Saturday morning. Freestyle only weigh-ins at 10AM.

Freestyle will start an hour after weigh-ins or the end of the GR tournament. 

 **  SCHOOLBOY: State: follow Kids State schedule above.

​​​​​​​C/J/W/O:  State Information (wrestlers MUST present a current USA Wrestling competitor’s card)

GRECO Registration/weigh-ins for all age divisions -7:00 AM to 8:00 AM Saturday ONLY; wrestling begins at 9:30 AM. 

Anyone who weighs-in for Greco can wrestle in Freestyle without weighing in again AS LONG AS THEY FINISH THE GRECO TOURNAMENT.  Anyone who withdraws or forfeits out of the GRECO State Championship will have to weigh-in again to compete in the Freestyle tournament.  FREESTYLE weigh-ins for all age divisions – 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM on Saturday.  Freestyle wrestling will begin approximately 1 hour after Greco concludes on Saturday and run from at 9:30 AM to conclusion Sunday.

Schoolboy Duals

In order to make this event one that you will remember it is imperative that you meet all deadlines. Listed below are the important dates that MUST be met to make this trip successful:

  1. April 29th– State Championships :    * 1st notification of team selection
  2. See all links on "National" tab then "Dual Team Information"

Once again, Team Ohio shines at OHSAA state tournament

COLUMBUS — Do you have state dreams? Better get your USA wrestling card.
Those who succeed at the OHSAA state tournament know the mat isn’t a four-month process. It’s a year-round passion and many of those that found success on the mats last weekend began the summer either at Fargo, N.D., at Nationals or wrestled for USAW in the spring.
While that might sound like a public service announcement, facts are facts and USA Wrestling breeds champions.
The NCAA Division I Nationals where 28 of the 32 Ohio competitors wrestled in USAW aside, it starts at the high school level and it starts off in the summer.
Going into the state tournament, 52 percent of Division I wrestlers had USA cards in 2016, 43 percent in D-III and 34 percent and 34 percent in D-II.
What’s more, 29 of the 42 champs cut their teeth on USA Wrestling with 12 of the 14 coming in D-I. That’s 69 percent of all state champions.
Add in USAW card members from 2015 and it bumps up to 86 percent.
“It totally prepares them,” USAW and Elyria assistant coach Jack Gillespie said. “If you look at our program, everybody that has been a Fargo All-American pretty much has been a state champ. If you’ve been a FILA Cadet champ, you’ve qualified and placed.
“You look at the history of our program, guys that go to Fargo go to the state tournament. We’ve had three guys not go to Fargo that have been state placers since Erik (Burnett) has been the head coach.”
To put that in perspective, in 20 years, Burnett has had 42 wrestlers reach the podium and crowned 10 champions.
That’s 93 percent wrestling in the summer and that’s just one school.
But take the words of a coach, wrestlers feel the same way.
“It’s incredible,” Brecksville state champ Julian Tagg said. “I can’t even explain it. I learn the mistakes I’m making and what I need to fix.”
The 106-pound freshman isn’t just a state champ, he’s a cadet national freestyle champ, having won the title last summer.
La Salle’s Lucas Byrd, who Tagg beat in the semifinals, finished third and will return to Fargo next summer as a cadet Greco-Roman runner-up.
“It’s an incredible experience,” Byrd said. “You can’t really describe it. It has helped me a lot in every aspect, knowing what I need to work on, knowing what my faults are, knowing what I need to fix.”
More than that, winning or even placing on a national stage helps. Elyria’s Dylan Shawver (113) went out to Fargo and earned cadet freestyle All-American status. He beat returning runner-up Gabe Tagg, another USA wrestler, to open the tournament and finished fourth.
Tagg, by the way, exacted his revenge in the third-place match.
USAW breeds confidence as well.
When Spencer Berthold pinned his way to the championship match at 220 in Division I, it not only marked the first state placer for Midview since 1988 (Adam Duke, 4th), but the first state finalist since 1985 (Carlos Martin, 98 pounds).
He finished runner-up, but pointed to USAW as the catalyst.
“I’ve been lifting a lot,” Berthold said. “I didn’t ‘AA’ out (in Fargo) and that just pushed me even more. It made me want it even more. How can I do it if I don’t believe in myself?
“Before the semifinals, I was like, ‘Think about not making it and always finishing where I didn’t want to slip. It just burned and built up. I just released it. I guess I was surprised, but I always knew I could do it. I always believed.”


With a ton of returning Junior Freestyle standouts and a barrage of Cadet Freestyle stars moving up, Team Ohio should stand out from the rest. (Brad Bournival)

Team Ohio 2017 could be one for the ages

By Brad Bournival

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo Freestyle National Tournament concluded Saturday and the talk is already about 2017.

While a seventh-place finish overall might look good to some, Team Ohio came in with aspirations of winning the tournament.

Whether it was a rash of injuries or some wrestlers not living up to their own expectations, the feeling around the FargoDome in Fargo, N.D., was one determination when the tournament reconvenes in July next year.

“Every year you come, you get more experience,” said 2016 freestyle runner-up Dylan D’Emilio of Genoa. “You expect more and more each time you come. Next year, we have a good idea of what’s coming and a better idea of what needs to be done. We’ll be motivated a lot more.”

Team Ohio had a champion and tournament outstanding wrestler in Cornell recruit and Elyria graduate Ben Darmstadt (195 pounds) with D’Emilio (113) as a national finalist.

Delta’s Drew Mattin (4th, 120), a five-time All-American is eligible to return as are Defiance’s Tim Bowers (5th, 170) and Dayton Christian’s Tommy Hoskins (8th, 120). Add a handful of wrestlers that were injured either before or during the tournament and Team Ohio is loaded in 2017.

“We’re excited to get that opportunity,” Mattin said. “Some kids can’t come back, but the ones that really want to are going to come and look to win it.”

It’s not just the returning Junior wrestlers coming back as an influx of Cadet Freestylers will make the jump to the next level with the expectations of winning a title.

Two-time Cadet Freestyle champ Jordan Decatur of Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy is part of that group as is three-time All-American and Cadet Greco finalist Lucas Byrd of LaSalle and All-American Gabe Tagg of Brecksville.

That has those around the team and on it excited for what’s to come as Team Ohio looks to win its first national title in Junior Freestyle since 2003 and add a sixth national championship to its resume.

“It’s going to help a lot,” Mattin said. “Decatur, Byrd, all those guys coming in plus the studs we have now will be great. We’ll get experience and competition-like experience in the practice room. We’ll need it.”

It’s going to make for a heck of a lightweight division for Team Ohio as the Buckeye state will start off each session in Fargo next year with a kick.

“I’m motivated to keep doing what I’m doing and execute better,” D’Emilio said. “The room is always tough. We have guys scrapping. We have good guys coming up that should be able to do some damage down here. The team should be looking as good as ever. Maybe, we’ll get a title next year.”


Future looks great for Team Ohio Freestyle

The Cadet Freestyle squad from Team Ohio showed well in Fargo, N.D., crowning three champions. (Brad Bournival)

By Brad Bournival

FARGO, N.D. — The Cadet Freestyle squad from Team Ohio had a little message for the rest of the nation at Fargo, N.D., this weekend. It was simple, but sweet.

“We got next.”

While everyone was busy watching the Junior Freestyle action, and rightfully so, the Cadet squad put together quite a big weekend and finished fourth.

Brecksville’s Julian Tagg took home top honors at 100 pounds to join CVCA’s Jordan Decatur (120) at the top of the podium.

Braxton Amos of Parkersburg South, who wrestled for Tam Ohio thanks to a protest by New Jersey, took home another title at 195 as the Buckeye State showed once again how great it is.

In short, the future looks bright for Team Ohio.

“It’s very big, very, very big,” Tagg said. “We have guys that didn’t do as well as they wanted here, but they’re going to go back and work hard.

“We’ve got guys coming up and they’re working extremely hard. We’re going to be ready to kick some butt.”

Tagg certainly did enough butt-kicking in his match, taking Greco-Roman champion Ridge Lovett of Idaho and whooping him in an 8-2 match that wasn’t even that close.

Decatur, who went back-to-back, faced Brody Teske of Iowa, an undefeated wrestler out of Iowa.

It wasn’t even a match as Decatur won by technical fall, 13-0.

“After the first takedown, I was like, ‘Ok. I got this,’” Decatur said.  I just had to keep getting to my attacks and getting on the mat and I knew I’d be a Fargo champ again.”

It was yet another champion from Ohio in a state that seems to breed winners year after year.

Elyria’s Dylan Shawver (106) was third, Middletown’s Cole Skinner (88) finished fourth, St. Edward’s Angelo Rini (106) was fifth and Aurora’s Andrew Garr was eighth as the lowerweights ruled the tournament.

With double champion Amos reaching the finals, it showed just how strong 2017-19 might be.

“The future is bright, very bright,” Decatur said. “With guys fighting for position and different weight classes and a lot of us fighting to be Fargo champs again, I think we’re going to do a lot of damage.”

The team as the backing of many of the Freestyle coaches from the state as they see Team Ohio continuing its uphill climb to excellence.

“Everybody’s talking about Junior Frees, but they had to start somewhere, too, right?’ Team Ohio coach Jacob Kasper said. “They had to start at the Cadets. I think that’s why they are where they are right now.

“Our coaching staff with Coach (Erik) Burnett, Coach (Adam) Koballa, Coach (Jim) Lehman, they do an amazing job to get the best out of these guys. They love the sport and love helping, so these guys know how to transition to that junior level.”


Amos, Byrd shine at Fargo Cadet Nationals

National champion Braxton Amos and Team Ohio rolled to a seventh-place finish in Fargo, N.D., at the Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals. (Brad Bournival)

By Brad Bournival

How much did wrestling in the finals of the Cadet Nationals in Fargo, N.D., mean to Team Ohio wrestlers?

Lucas Byrd (100 pounds) gave up his finger. Braxton Amos (195) gave up his state.

It equated to a title for Amos and runner-up finish for Byrd.

Amos’ story is an interesting one as he went out to Tulsa, Okla., and won a title with Team Ohio in the National Duals because his team — West Virginia — didn’t field a team.

When he came to Fargo, Amos wrestled in the blue and yellow for West Virginia.

Ironically, it took a win over new teammate Cameron Sauerwein of in the semifinals to draw the attention of New Jersey.

The state filed a complaint and because he wrestled for Ohio and was a regional champion and had the blessing of the West Virginia coaching staff, he came over to the Buckeye state.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” Amos said. “I don’t really know what to think at this point. I’m happy to be bearing Ohio’s colors and West Virginia’s colors at the same time. It feels like I’m representing both states.”

After three tech fall wins and a decision, Amos reached the finals where he faced Iowa’s Kaleb Reeves.

Reeves, who beat Amos in the Duals, never had a chance in an 11-0 tech fall by Amos, who will wrestle for Parkersburg South in the winter.

With the title under his belt, Amos is ready to turn to Freestyle and compete with Team Ohio.

“I’m looking forward to it a lot more,” he said. “I’ve been wrestling with Coach Miron (Kharchilava) out of Dublin, Ohio, since second grade, so freestyle comes naturally to me.”

For LaSalle’s Byrd a romp through the bracket ended with a technical fall loss to Idaho two-style champion Ridge Lovett.

That loss comes with an asterisk, however, as he broke his finger early in the match and could never recover.

“It's going to push me a lot,” Byrd said. “I'm going to have to work on my gut defense. I knew Ridge was good on top and i didn't stop it. It's unfortunate that I did break it, but it's going to push me even harder to give that extra hour in practice to get my work in.”

Byrd demanded it from himself as well and it showed in the lead up to the finals. Before his only loss, the 2015 two-style All-American scored pins over Nebraska’s Beau Kaup and Michigan’s La Joie, sandwiching them around three technical fall wins.

“He has a great ceiling,” Team Ohio coach Gavin Speelman said. “He can excel. It sucks losing a national title, but it’s the best motivation for him. He can turn that around. He has the best attitude I’ve seen and I’ve done this for six years.”

Ohio wasn’t without its All-Americans as Winton Woods’ Cornell Beachem (5th, 160), Sauerwein (5th, 195), Lancaster’s Logan Agin (7th, 106) and Dublin Coffman’s Lennox Wolak (8th, 160) got to sit in the chairs of honor as top-eight finishers.

It led to a seventh-place team finish for a young Ohio team ready to make noise in the future.

“I think what we’re doing with the staff we have and the mindset of our training camp, we have the right mindset,” Speelman said. “Next year and years to come we should be up there in the top three or top two. The goal is to win national titles."


Ohio Junior Freestyle Team WINS the Junior FS Duals!

Strong Ohio lightweights close out 37-27 win over Illinois in Junior National Freestyle Duals finals


Ohio, the 2016 Junior National Duals freestyle champion, after big win over Illinois. Photo by John Sachs,

TULSA, Okla. – Illinois must have felt pretty good at the start of the Junior Nationals Freestyle Duals finals against Ohio on Saturday. With the dual meet starting at 138 pounds, Illinois came out with wins in four of the first six bouts, including a pin and a technical fall, for a 16-10 lead.

But Ohio had them just where they wanted them. 

Led by a group of powerful lightweight stars, Ohio won six of the final nine matches for a comfortable 37-27 victory over Illinois and the Junior Duals freestyle title.

The early run by Illinois included victories by Jaime Hernandez (138), Shayne Oster (152), Austin O’Connor (160) and Logan Gruszka (182). Gruszka needed just 37 seconds to take James Handwerk to his back and score a pin, worth five big team points.

A wild comeback at 152 pounds by Oster showed the competitive nature of this dual meet. Ohio’s Davey Tunon scored a four-point takedown, two gut wrenches and on a step out to lead 9-0 in the first period. Tunon was one point away from a technical fall. Oster came back with two four-point throws and a point on a failed challenge to tie it up at 9-9. Tunon scored a point on a stepout and led 10-9 at the break. In the second period, Oster opened up the offense, with a two-point takedown, a four-point takedown on a cradle and three consecutive leg lace turns for 12 straight points and a 21-10 technical fall.

The tide turned in the upper weights, as Benjamin Darmstadt of Ohio pinned Patrick Brucki of Illinois in 50 seconds at 195 pounds and Jared Campbell added a 10-0 technical fall at 220 pounds over Christian Brunner. Illinois heavyweight Anthony Cassioppi won a close match, and the score was 20-19 in favor of Ohio when a short intermission was taken to give out some event awards.

Then came out the Ohio little men, and it was pretty much all over.

It started with a pair of technical falls, as Lucas Byrd put away Matthew Ramos, 14-2 at 100 pounds and Oscar Sanchez ran off with a 10-0 win over Anthony King at 106 pounds. At 113, Dylan D’Emilio was in control in an 8-2 win over Joey Melendez. The run was capped off with an impressive 10-0 technical fall by Drew Mattin over Illinois star Louie Hayes at 120 pounds. The score with two bouts to go was Ohio 35, Illinois 21. The lightweights had clinched the win.

Illinois did win those two last matches, decision victories by Travis Piotrowski at 126 and Gabriel Townsell at 132. 

The last bout of the day, between Townsell and Tariq Wilson, will be an internet classic. A total of 42 points were scored in this wide-open display of offense, a 21-21 tie when the final whistle blew. Townsell jumped to an 11-4 lead early in the first, but Wilson stormed back to take a 14-11 lead at the break. Townsell came back to lead 19-4, but Wilson rallied again for a 21-19 lead. A takedown by Townsell with four seconds tied it all up, and Townsell won on criteria.

1st place in the USA!

2017 Annual Meeting

The date will be Oct. 15, 2017

Congratulations Jack Gillespie

Jack Gillespie, Elyria HS assistant coach, has been named USA Wrestling's National Developmental Coach of the Year. 

2 USA-Ohio Coaches win NWCA Awards

NWCA Sect. 2 Assistant coach of the year

Chris Chidlaw , Elyria HS

NWCA Coach of 2016 for Ohio:

Todd Haverdill, Brecksville HS

Full Article: